Mobility Aids

With special needs require standard and quality driven assured mobility and helping aids. We at Maxlife ensure patient safety at every step to promote healthy geriatric and specially abled care and build a quality life for them.

Helping Hands for All Ages

Shower Stool

User-friendliness in combination with functional design. Equipped with a special anti-sliding top layer providing extra safety. The legs can be adjusted in height to suit your body length. Comes complete with a preshaped backrest and readily available in two different colours.

Walking Frame

Model Lyna II is a classic walking frame with 4 rubber feet, adjustable in height. It’s foldable for easy transport and storage with a maximum users weight of 130 kg and with a heightened middle bar so it fits nicely over a toilet. Additionally, it has two extra, lowered, handgrips to raise yourself when seated on a toilet or a chair.
As for the 2 in one function, it can be either used as a fixed walking frame or an articulated walking frame by simply pressing a button.

Special Bed

A low height bed for patients with Alzheimer’s disease. Very low minimum height and maximum height up to 720 mm. It is compatible with most patient lifts on the market.
• 3 functions electrical bed with knee buckle
• Protective transport cover for the wooden panels
• Serum holder
• Louis Philippe wooden panels
• Remote control support
• Independent serum holder

Electronic Wheelchair

The Express is an electronic wheelchair with a double cross, equipped with footrests and armrests which are adjustable in height and width. Complete with a powerful motor and batteries for a smooth driving experience. The Express is very compact making it easy to navigate in smaller spaces and can also be folded to facilitate transport.
The batteries, back section and seat cushion can easily be removed. In this way, the Express can be completely folded and becomes a lot lighter (only 29,9 kg). And as such, it fits easily in almost any trunk.
With the rechargeable and maintenance-free batteries (2 x 12V 38 Ah or 50 Ah) you can drive about 18 or 25 km. The speed of the wheelchair is adjustable and has a maximum of 6 km/h. In addition, the wheelchair is made of steel to increase its robustnessand the double cross provides additional stability.

Indoor Wheelchair

The FOREST 3 is the perfect companion for users who are looking for a compact indoor wheelchair and a powerful outdoor model. Endurance, comfort and adaptability are the main characteristics of the Forest 3.
Ideal for indoor and outdoor use. Thanks to the pendulum axle, the Forest 3 is always in contact with the ground, even when the terrain is uneven (up to 120 mm difference).

Kids Wheelchair

The Forest Kids is an electronic wheelchair for children, used for indoor and outdoor and ideal in overcoming obstacles. The 4 wheels are always in contact with the ground even on rough surfaces up to 120 mm.

Geriatric Chair

The multifunctional Alesia chair offers a reclinable backrest with a dual control. Adjustable seat inclination, adjustable armrests, retractable footplate and footbrakes at the rear. Available in a wide range of different colours and a variety of options to upgrade the chair.
• Body shape forming seat cushion
• Armrests adjustable in height
• Retractable foot plate
• Centralized brake
• Directional wheels
• Options: table, serumholder, document holder, canister holder, urine bag holder, side supports.


Recliner with adjustable backand legrest
For optimal comfort inside your house, carehome or hospital, The Normandie puts you in a comfortable postition and can be combined with several options such as a serum holder, table, headrest, wheels, wide and adjustable arm pads and can be ordered in different colors matching your interior.

Steel Manual Wheelchair

The wheelchair Jazz S20 is an excellent combination between technicality, comfort and VERMEIREN quality.
A basic wheelchair for daily needs which is light in weight and comfortable in using.

Comfort Wheelchair

The Inovys II comfort chair offers a wide range in possible adjustments. The seat and backrest can independently be reclined. Available with large, rear wheels or small (T30) rear wheels.
• Headrest adjustable in angle, height and depth with rotation and translation
• Armrests can be removed, are adjustable in height, length and width
• Pushing handles are adjustable in height
• Memory foam seat cushion
• Removable legrests
• Optional table
• Optional side supports

Shower and commode chair

The Pluo is a comfortable, hygienic and modern shower chair with a removable bucket under the seat. The seat and back are made of comfortable plastic that is easy to clean. Equipped with a specific seat height so that it can be placed above most toilets. With its blue and white colors, the Pluo also has a contemporary and refreshing look. Also take a look at the range options to fully personalise your shower / commode chair.

Manual Wheelchair Assistant

The V-Drive system simplifies your movements with a manual wheelchair. The V-Drive takes over from your pushing assistant. Taking a steep hill or inclinations, road bumps or just a small journey outside… all this is ideal for the V-Drive.
• Standard version for people up to 135 kg (weight chair included)
• H.D. version for people up to 200 kg (weight chair included)
Completely delivered in a transport bag.

Patient Lifter

The Albatros is a compact patient hoist with easy usage. Foldable in a few seconds for easy storage and transport.
• High quality wheels with separated brakes
• LINAK motor system
• Integrated charger
• Anti-slip footplate

Foldable Scooter

The Alya is a very compact and foldable scooter. Due to its small size, the Alya is easy to maneuver. With its large driving range, Alya feels as comfortable indoor as outdoor. The Alya is easy to carry, giving the user access to the usage of his scooter anytime and anywhere. The silver Alya version has a bigger battery of 17,4 Ah, compared to the Alya in red (11,6 Ah).

Outdoor Scooter

The Carpo 2 S.E. (Special Edition) is a complete renewed and freshly redesigned 4-wheelscooter for daily usage. Sporty black rims, double mirrors, adjustable headrest and a fully integrated electronic display and USB port to charge any devices you might carry along.

We promote care for the specially abled with the utmost special helping hands.

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