About Us


With a passion to introduce the latest technology and help caregivers simplify their lives, Maxlife was born. As an organization, Maxlife has always been committed to introducing products that are focused on patient safety.

Additionally, Maxlife recognized that procurement departments had to work harder to source from vendors.

With our expertise in consolidating and developing supply chain partnerships for top corporate hospital chain in India, we have gained recognition as pioneers in the industry. The ultimate goals of our organization is to serve the people.

We collectively believe there should not be a single casualty caused by improper medical devices and equipment. Whether it’s your family member or the close ones of any person, Maxlife will always be a step forward in providing quality medical supplies.

We believe in growing by gaining trust and our market presence as a Leading Medical Devices Supplier is proof of our excellent service.

Maxlife started in 2007 with the whole intention to bring a holistic change in the Indian Healthcare System. Our focus is to make every medical ground reliable and trust worthy. And that comes with high-quality standard equipment.

With over 15 years into this field, Maxlife has been collaborating with various brand partner, providing services to all over the world.

Our Presence

We Believe in Quality

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Our Mission & Vision

Our goal is to become a preferred provider of durable medical equipment & medical supplies in the Indian healthcare industry. We will achieve this by offering high-quality products and medical devices that meet the needs of our customers.

We strive with our wide range of products and reliable turnaround time to build strong relationships with our customers and partners. Maxlife is stepping forward to create a positive and lasting impression in the marketplace with innovative top products and solutions.