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Surgical instruments form the basis of effective surgeries and Maxlife has been a prime partnering provider of top-class quality speciality surgicals. We provide all kinds of surgicals and our brand partners collaborate to bring upon the most effective and safe surgical tools for optimum patient care and safety.

Surgical Devices, Instruments & Tools

Plasmapheresis Machine

The HF440 provides complete range of treatments for CRRT and Plasmatherapies. It is suitable from baby to adult use with adapted flows, volumes and safety.
The HF440 is easy to use thanks to its full touch screen interface, the record of data and the graphs for pressures and masses. Its light weight and small dimensions make it easy to move while the pre-assembled sets, scales system up to 40 kg and clear messages helps to reduce operators workload. Integrated plate fluid heater, temperature setting 35-38°C, temperature graph overtime. For up to 8 bags and 40 liters for substitution, dialysate and waste.
Technical overview: Touchscreen, 5 pumps, 3 scales up to 8 bags of 5L each, heater, syringe pump also available during rinsing, save rinsing, automatic predilution, pre and postdilution ratio editable during the treatment or automatically set, air detector, blood leak detector, single needle activable during treatment, sound and visual alarm, on screen alarm guidance, profiles saving, more than 20 minutes backup battery, care time button, wi-fi, bluetooth and more !

Niosh N95 Mask

NIOSH Approved N95 Mask
Flat Fold Shape
Adjustable Head Strap
More than 95% Filtration efficiency

Shoe Cover

Non-Woven Shoe cover made of medical grade fabric
Non-Woven Shoe cover is in universal size with various colours.

IV Catheter

I.V. Catheter with injection port and wings with added safety feature for
prevention of needle stick injury.
– Safety feature for complete protection from needle stick injury.
– Passive, irreversible activation of safety mechanism.
– No change in insertion technique required.
– Stainless steel, silicone tipped needle for smooth penetration.
– Injection port with one way silicone injection valve.
– Specially designed protection cap with a recessed plug to cover the injection port and minimize contamination.
– Angled and grooved wings for secure fixation.
– Radio-opaque lines for accurate radiographic detection.
– Luer cap for blocking the catheter when not in use.
– 6% luer taper for compatibility with all standard devices.
– Disposable, sterile and non-pyrogenic.

Extension tubing with 3 way Stop cock

Three-way stopcock with an integrated extension tubing for minimizing manipulation during intravenous administration of fluids/drugs through an i.V. Catheter.
Minimizes chances of mechanical irritation and infection by taking.
The administration site away from insertion site.
The integrated three-way stopcock offers multiple infusion lines.
Smooth internal surface to minimize turbulence.
Disposable, sterile and non-pyrogenic.

Measured Volume Burette Set

IV infusion set with a well marked drip chamber for precise fluid administration.
– Flexible graduated burette with marking upto 100/150 ml.
– Sharp bevelled, smooth spike for easier penetration.
– Air inlet with bacterial filter and injection port.
– Disc filter inside the drip chamber for adequate filtration.
– C-clamp for regulating the rate of fluid infusion to the patient.
– Soft roller clamp for regulating the rate of fluid infusion to the patient.
– Kink resistant tubing with self sealing latex bulb for extra medication.
– Options of latex bulb/Y-shaped bulb; luer slip/luer lock rotator; vented spike/bevelled spike.

Triple Lumen CVC

Centrally inserted, Triple Lumen Central Venous Catheter
– For administration of hyperosmolar solutions, measuring CVP, haemodialysis, plasmapheresis, rapid infusion of fluid among other uses.
– Acent provides the benefit of polyurethane catheter which is soft, kink resistant, extremely biocompatible with excellent wear properties and elastic memory.
– Three separate non-communicating vascular access lumens within a single catheter body.
– Proximal lumen for blood sampling, medications and blood administration.
– Distal lumen for CVP monitoring, blood administration, medications.
– Medial lumen exclusively for total parenteral nutrition.
– Reduces the necessity for multiple venipunctures.
– Exit ports of individual lumens are separated by appropriate distance in proportion to the catheter’s French size.
– Coaxial catheter design maximizes inner diameter of central lumen for high flow capacity.
– Disposable, sterile and non-pyrogenic.
– Sealed blister packing.

Epidural Kit

Kit contains Epidural Needle and Epidural Catheter of Corresponding size.
– Specifically designed kink resistant yet structurally strong catheter with flexible tip making catheter placement convenient.
– Risk of inadvertent dura puncture or vessel rupture are markedly reduced with soft and flexible catheter tip.
– The uniquely designed coil reinforced body is the mainstay of its structural strength and makes the catheter non collapsible for long periods.
– Smooth exterior and ianner helix platform makes maneuverability easy and imparts radio opaque property to the catheter.
– Calibrated catheter depth marking make the placement exact and the colored catheter tip makes intact catheter depth marking make the placement exact
– Each 10 mm, beginning at 10 mm from the tip, up to 250 mm.
– 2, 3, 4, 5 points, 2.5 mm each are located at 100, 150, 200, 250 mm from the tip respectively.
– Non-collasping holes near the tip makes drug dispersion uniform.
– Also contains specially designed filter disc with screwed connection for easy fit.

Endotracheal Tube (Cuffed)

Tubular device designed to be inserted into the trachea through the mouth or nose to secure the airway and maintain the gas exchange in the lungs.
– Made from non-toxic, clear, transparent, thermoresistant medical grade PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride).
– High volume, low pressure, evenly shaped cuff with a pilot balloon integrated to the tube for secure positioning inside the trachea .
– Fitted with standard 15 mm connector for attachments to all standard ventilatory circuits in operation theaters or intensive care units.
– Graduated markings to display distance from the tip.
– Well marked to indicate the internal/external diameter.
– Nasoral tip suitable for both nasal and oral intubation.
– Full length radio-opaque lines to assess position of tube radiographically.
– Murphy’s eye at the tip to circumvent any obstruction.
– Disposable, sterile, non-pyrogenic.

Respiratory Exerciser

Helps to develop, improve and maintain respiratory fitness.
– Useful in restoring and maintaining lung capacity of post operative ambulatory and COPD patients.
– Improves respiratory parameters, maximal exercise capacity and overall cardiopulmonary status.
– Air filter for enhanced protection.
– Transparent, well calibrated chambers for accurate estimation of exercise capacity.
– Soft, aesthetically coloured inspiratory tubing.
– Colour coded triple ball design for proper visual feedback.
– Sleek, stable design.

Blood Transfusion Set

Transfusion set specially designed to transfuse blood.
– Strong, sleek and sharp spike with airvent to puncture blood bag outlets.
– Drip chamber with filter mesh to keep out blood clots from entering the patient’s circulation.
– Regulator clamp to control transfusion rate.
– Kink resistant, soft, PVC tubing.
– Latex bulb to administer medication.
– Available in Single-drip/Double-drip chamber variants.
– Options of Latex bulb site/Y-injection site; Luer-slip/ Male-rotator variants.
– Disposable, sterile and non-pyrogenic.

Latex Surgical Gloves

Latex surgical gloves will help protect your hands against body fluids, help you clean up after patients and keep your work area sanitary.
– High elasticity and strength.
– Made up of high quality natural latex.
– Available in powered or powered free.
– Sterilization by Ethylene Oxide/Gamma rays.
– Good design comprises bended cuffs, curved fingers for ease of use.
– Available in sizes: 6, 6.5, 7, 7.5, 8, 8.5.

IV Flow Regulator

I.V. flow Flow Regulator Extension Set to regulate the flow of IV fluid from an infusion set into an IV catheter.
– Designed to control flow rate from 5ml/hr – 250 ml/hr manually.
– Built-in Y-connector injection site for extra medication.
– Two hand operation eliminates the danger of accidental tampering.
– Provision of male and female luer lock makes it compatible with other devices.
– Disposable, sterile and non-pyrogenic.

AV Fistula Needle

Needles for use in patients on haemodialysis
– Needles for use in patients, silicone tipped needle for atraumatic insertion.
– Back eye for uninterrupted blood flow through the needle.
– Rotable wings for firm grip, easy turning and secure fixation.
– Smooth Geometry for laminar blood flow.
– Modified hub design with black mark for positioning the bevel accuretely.
– Kink resistant tubing with smooth occlusion clamp.
– Color coded wings for indentification for needles size.
– Option for single/Twin Fistula needles.
– Disposable, sterile, non pyrogenic.

Surgical Gowns

– 0ffers reliability and comfort.
– With some of the most advanced SMS fabric available, Sirus surgical gowns offer a high level of comfort.
– Dependable protection from 5 fabric layers, 3 densely-packed melt-blown layers sandwiched between 2 strong spunbond outer layers, for excellent barrier protection against fluids and pathogens
– AAMI level 3 protection

We ensure your safety is our priority and with our quality surgical tools, our partner deliver above par market products.

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