Medical Devices & Equipment

Medical device & equipments can be any instrument, apparatus, machine, appliance, implant, reagent for in vitro use, software, material or other similar or related article, intended by the manufacturer to be used, alone or in combination for a medical purpose. At Maxlife, we specialize in providing world class critical and primary care medical devices & equipment.  

Critical Care


The SAVE II+ ventilator is designed for Combat Medics where size, weight and extreme ease of use are paramount. Simply select the height of the patient and the device dials in a preset tidal volume of 6 ml per kilogram of the patient’s Ideal Body Weight.
This helps reduce operator error and eliminate the guesswork associated with bagging in a high stress environment or setting up an overly complicated transport vent. SAVe II+ ventilator which delivers up to 12.5 LPM of air and is capable of generating up to 20 cmH2O of PEEP.
SAVe II+ (Simplified Automated Ventilator) is a volume-targeted, pressure-limited ventilator tailored to support you during shortages or surges. Composed of fewer parts and easier to maintain, the SAVe II+ can be used to provide mechanical ventilation to critically ill patients or to free up the limited supply of ICU ventilators for the most difficult cases.

Blood Pressure Monitoring

ABPM( Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor) 7100 is an easy-to-use 24-hour ambulatory blood pressure monitor that is designed to help avoid the effects of white coat hypertension, provide accurate sleep blood pressure readings, and tailor drug therapy regimes to your individual patient’s needs.
Its features include:
– Meets or exceeds the latest AAMI, EHS Standards and has a BHS A/A Rating
– Unlimited protocols for programming measurement periods & inflation frequencies
– Lightweight, compact and quiet for improved patient compliance
– Upgradable to add Central BP and Pulse Wave Analysis
– Latex-free cuffs help reduce the risk of patient allergic reactions
– Uses oscillometric technology, a validated method of automatic NIBP measurement
– Auto Feedback Logic during inflation for excellent patient comfort & acceptance
– Shipping Weights & Dimensions
Height: 26 CM
Width: 32.8 CM
Depth: 11.3 CM
Weight: 1.53 KG

Vital Signs Device

The Connex® Spot Monitor features an easy-to-use, vivid touchscreen display and provides accurate vital signs measurement including blood pressure averaging, spot checking, interval monitoring and custom scoring across patient populations.
The device connects wirelessly to your EMR and sends vitals to the patient chart from the point of care to help improve efficiency. It offers an upgradeable design and custom configurations including a choice of thermometry and/or pulse oximetry, connectivity and mounting/mobility options. In addition, the Accessory Power Management Stand with WhisperDrive™ technology features additional power backup, providing up to 17 hours of on-time, alleviating the need to charge the monitor as frequently.
It’s exclusive feature include:
– Help improve accuracy and performance for neonate through adult patients
– Mobile stand option incl. work surface w/integrated battery for extended usage
– SureBP® technology can provide BP in only 15-seconds
– Scale connectivity to Detecto, Health o meter® and SECA scales
– Blood pressure averaging to help ensure accurate hypertension diagnosis
– Connex Scoring App on-device calculator for custom protocols like NEWS, MEWS
– SureTemp® Plus or Braun ThermoScan® PRO 6000 Ear Thermometry
– Supports resident list workflows for long-term care settings
– Choice of leading SpO2 technologies: Masimo®, Nellcor® or Nonin®
– Shipping Weights & Dimensions
Height: 24.13 CM
Width: 39.37 CM
Depth: 20.32 CM
Weight: 3.25 KG
It helps in:
– 24/7 Just in Time deliveries of medicines
– Optimised shelf filling and drug selection
– Complete traceability and documentation of all transports


CP 150™ Resting Electrocardiograph with Optional Spirometry
The CP 150 combines the best traditional box ECG features (e.g., full-size printouts and clinical decision support with MEANS interpretation) with connectivity enhancements designed especially for today’s primary care practices. Choose DICOM compatibility to help make communication and interoperability seamless. Opt for wireless connectivity to help you leverage the power of the CP 150 anytime, anywhere. Add on the spirometry module to perform two reimbursable tests with just one device. All of these optional features come together in an industry-leading ECG device designed to help you improve workflows and get more from your investments.
– ECG print previews can help save time and reduce paper costs
– Seven-inch color, touchscreen display for easy entry of patient data
– Optional wireless connectivity helps increase device mobility and utilization
– Optional spirometry lets you perform two tests with one device
– Optional DICOM compatibility enhances interoperability
– Optional adult and pediatric MEANS ECG interpretation software
– Three-, six-, or full 12-lead ECG preview options
– Battery operation lets you easily transport your device to the patient
– Simplified EMR connectivity without a complicated interface
– Instant-on powers the device up quickly to take an ECG at a moment’s notice

Holter Recorder

Weighing in at just four ounces (125 grams), this H12+™ Digital Holter Recorder is designed to help improve your patient’s experience. Continuously record 48 hours of high-fidelity, beat-by-beat 12-lead ECG data. Plus, our patented LeadForm patient cable helps maximize comfort and a full graphic display allows you to previews ECG waveforms during patient hookup.
Its features include:
– 2-lead data recorded beat-by-beat on a removable SD card
– Analysis system features VERITAS signal processing and analysis
– HScribe® Holter Analysis System provides sophisticated review and editing tools
– H12+ high-fidelity recorder allows the user to define their preferred sampling rate at 180 or 1,000 samples per second
– H12+ Recorder supports 48-hour standard or high-fidelity recoding with a single alkaline AA battery


In fast paced environments where speed and efficiency matter, the CareTemp Touch Free thermometer is a valuable screening tool for many clinical settings. It features an infrared sensor that reads temperature from center of forehead with no patient skin contact required, supporting a safe and comfortable patient experience and minimizing the risk of cross-contamination. A measurement distance feedback system helps provide consistent accuracy and features such as a 60 second pulse timer, memory recall button, and C/F conversion button enhance staff productivity.
Its features include:
– Infrared sensor reads temperature 4-6 cm from the center of forehead
– 60 second pulse timer, memory recall button, C/F scale conversion button
– No patient skin contact required, helps minimize the risk of cross-contamination
– Measurement feedback system detects proper operating distance for accuracy
– Large, backlit LCD display that’s intuitive and easy to read
– Takes approximately 3,000 readings on two AAA batteries
– Shipping Weights and Dimensions
Height: 16.3 CM
Width: 24.9 CM
Depth: 6 CM
Weight: 0.3 KG

Cardiac Stress Testing System

Through innovative technologies and a smart design, the XScribe Cardiac Stress Testing System helps solve common challenges associated with cardiac stress testing exams.
A few of its most notable features include:
– an impressive 24-inch touchscreen interface with protocol-driven, pre-defined selections;
– 12-lead ECG interpretation for adults, adolescents and children;
– standards-based HL7® and DICOM® bidirectional connectivity;
– the unique WAM™ Wireless Acquisition Module that helps enhance both safety and patient comfort, and reduces obstacles for clinical personnel as they maneuver about the stress lab.
Plus, VERITAS® technology offers exceptional accuracy in real-time ST-segment monitoring, arrhythmia detection and resting ECG interpretation—delivering critical data through each stage of the stress test

Fluid Warming Station

ivNow-1 Fluid Warming Station quickly heats and maintains safe temperatures of intravenous and irrigation fluids. This unit can be placed directly on a countertop, mounted to an optional countertop pedestal stand, mounted on a mobile equipment pole stand, mounted on a wall using brackets, or mounted to a 3 liter bag tilt kit.
The specially contoured warming surface cradles 0.5-, 1-, 2- and 3-liter medical solution bags. Each fluid warming cavity is separately controlled and features an LED display. A sensor in the anodized aluminum heating plate detects the IV bag and engages the heater to quickly warm the fluid. Two temperature sensors continuously monitor the temperature of the fluid bag to maintain the fluid temperature within +0/-2ºC (+0/-3ºF) of the set point temperature.
The electronic control monitors how long the bag has been held at temperature and can be displayed at the touch of a button. The control alerts users when a fluid bag has been held at temperature longer than 14 days. The Fluid Warming Station heats to 40°C (104°F) in 30 minutes or less with accuracy of +0°/-2°C (+0°/-3°F).

Vein Finder

The advanced HGV637 vein finder comes with the following features:
– The vein finder HGVF637 comes with THZ light technology
– Easy On-off switch, Enhanced Visibility Provides Much Clearer Vein Visibility
– Built in rechargeable battery with 800 mah capacity.
– 3 intensity mode switch, useful for Adult ,Obese, Dehydrated, Low Bp, High Trauma And Emergency Use
– USB charging port & charging indication, Diamond finish NYLONE material Made in India,
– CE & ISO certified .

Blood and Infusion Warmer

Temperature setting:33˚C – 41˚C
Power supply:a.c.100~240V/50~60Hz
Power consumption:Max. 120VA
Type of protection against electric shock:Class I
Degree of protection against electric shock:BF Applied part;Defibrillation-protected
Degree of protection against ingress of liquids:IPX2
Temperature accuracy:±1.0˚C
Overheat protection:42˚C/43˚C
Low temperature alarm:32˚C
Warming up time:From 20˚C to 36˚C approx. 2 min.
Operating mode:Continuous
Dimension (W*D*H:85×65×175mm
Net Weight:1.2kg
Warming profile:- length 1400mm
– compatible IV tube 3.5-5.0mm O.D.
– High accurate, intelligent microcomputer controlled device for all medical departments:
– Blood transfusion / infusion for the patients during operation or after operation
– Routine blood transfusion and infusion in the clinical setting
– Blood return feeds / dialysis fluids
– Enteral/parenteral nutrition and rinsing solutions
– Infusion to children and neonates
– Normal infusion in cold condition
– User friendly interface: Big LED screen showing set temp., actual temp., heating time and fault situation
– Heating up to the patient: IV tube is completely wrapped in, no heat loss
Safety features:
– Permanent running self-tests
– Double independent over-heating protections and automatic cut off
– Visual and acoustic alarm for high temperature / low temperature/sensor fault
– Advanced dry heating technology: Quick warming up and effective heating
– Open system: Accepts standard IV tube, no special disposables needed, economical warming solution without extra consumable costs

Syringe Pump

Touch the future with infusion revolution
Smart and easy to use
– Over 10 patients
– Innovative touch operation, quick response to various settings
– Multiple background colors are available for selection
– Plug-in modular design: 3 to 15 pumps can be combined optionally to meet various clinical needs
– Multiple infusion modes
Safe and accurate infusion
– Dose error reduction system
– Double CPU Design, two way independent sound light alarm
– Unique operation panel door: facilitating operation and observation of liquid medicine infusion situation
Information network
– Internal WIFI modules enables the pump to connect to MP-900 directly for centralized monitoring of infusion
– Connect to CIS or HIS system to intergrate clinical data

Infusion work station

The infusion workstation has the following benefits:
– Flexible assembling &free combination / 3C Relay / Unlimited connectivity
– Modular design, enabling random combinations of infusion pump(s) and syringe pump(s).
– Easy extension up to multiple channels without any tools.Unlimited connectivity
– Variety of data ports are available for data exchange, including USB2.0 and Wi-Fi network access.
– Compatibility to the highest encryption standards, the infusion system always ensures reliable information transmission at all levels.
– MP-900 infusion central monitoring system supports connectivity to any hospital information system (HIS) or clinical information system (CIS).

Video Laryngoscope

VS-10 Series Video Laryngoscope has the following benefits:
– 3.5″HD touchscreen: a step closer to reality
– Vertical rotation angle: 0°~140°
– Horizontal rotation angle: 0°~270°
– Smart Power Management
– Remaining Time Display
– IP66, waterproof design
– Instant anti-fog technology
– No heating time required
– 5 disposable blades offer a better infection control


Easy operation and efficient workflow are the foundations of Cardiofax M electrocardiogram. With its large 7-inch color display, data can be viewed easily and allows ECG preview before recording. Cardiofax M supports paper-based and paperless workflows, enabling both waveform and analysis results to be transferred to a PC for review.
This breakthrough technology supports clinicians in testing more patients with enhanced information available from analysis. With synECi18 technology, Cardiofax M provides 18-lead ECG information from a 12-lead ECG, optimizing patient safety and functioning as a great triage tool.


Biphasic waveform gives more effective defibrillation at lower energy. This unique ActiBiphasic technology provides more efficient defibrillation than conventional biphasic circuits by maintaining constant second phase pulse width for high impedance patients. its features include:
– AED, Bluetooth data transfer, 3, 6-lead ECG, SpO2, and ETCO2, NIBP
– It takes less than 4 seconds to charge 200J with either AC power or a fully charged new battery. After defibrillation, ECG baseline recovers within 3 seconds.
– ECG waveform can be analyzed even during CPR and energy charging starts before the shock is advised. This helps you deliver faster defibrillation than ever before.
– Noninvasive pacing
– High power backlit 6.5-inch color TFT LCD display
– Advanced ec1 arrhythmia analysis
– Smart Cable technology – plug and play monitoring
– Onscreen operation guide
– ECG data transmission through mobile network by Bluetooth
– Self-test indicator

We have many more similar medical device & equipment products from well-known global giants across the world.

Primary Care

Blood Pressure Cuffs

FlexiPort® Reusable Blood Pressure Cuffs
Affordable and easy to use, FlexiPort Reusable Blood Pressure Cuffs offer all the advantages of FlexiPort technology—including simplified connectivity—in a dependable, durable design.
– FlexiPort technology enables every cuff to be used as a one- or two-tube cuff
– Tested to withstand demanding clinical environments
– Latex-free material minimizes risk of allergic reactions
– Rotatable port, improves patient comfort and cuff durability
– Folded edge reduces risk of cuts and scrapes, maximizing patient comfort
– Meets all latest clinical guidelines for proper fit from AAMI and AHA
– Primary sizes are color-coded to make it easy to find the proper cuff size
– Shipping Weights and Dimensions
Height: 15.5 CM
Width: 18.8 CM
Depth: 4.1 CM
Weight: 0.045 KG

Digital Blood Pressure Device

The ProBP 2400 is not a typical electronic blood pressure device. It is an affordable, professional device that you can trust to accurately measure your patients’ blood pressures despite many common underlying circumstances.
The ProBP 2400 is specifically designed for practices like yours. It gives you the quality, durability and features you don’t get from home blood pressure devices that are mainly designed for general household use, which some practices resort to because of cost.
It provides you consistent technique that’s not assured with manual blood pressure gauges. And it does so at a budget-friendly price that other professional blood pressure monitors with the same features don’t offer.
– More affordable than similarly featured professional blood pressure monitors
– 3-Reading Average Mode can give a broader view of patient’s true blood pressure
– Irregular heartbeat detection provides data to help you make testing decisions
– Manual Mode allows it to serve as a digital gauge when auscultation is indicated
– Microprocessor-controlled deflation rate provides consistent technique
– Built-in folding handle allows you to carry it safely and comfortably
– Optional mobile stand makes transporting easy for maximum location flexibility
– Optional wall mount bracket ensures device is exactly where and when you need it
– Shipping Weights & Dimensions
Height: 11.5 CM
Width: 30.5 CM
Depth: 23.5 CM
Weight: 1.74 KG

PocketScope Otoscope

PocketScope™ Otoscope with Throat Illuminator is small, convenient, and easy to use with bright, white halogen light and a built-in throat illuminator.
– Halogen light for true tissue color and consistent, long-lasting illumination
– Detach otoscope head to use the throat illuminator or all-purpose penlight
– Fiber optics provide cool light with no reflections or obstructions
– Wide-angle viewing lens allows for instrumentation under magnification
– Sealed system for pneumatic otoscopy
– Shipping Weights and Dimensions
Height: 22.6 CM
Width: 7.9 CM
Depth: 4.4 CM
Weight: 0.25 KG

Pocket Aneroids

Bronze Series DS44 Integrated and Pocket Aneroids
This integrated-style gauge features a FlexiPort cuff-mounted design that’s compact and lightweight. In use, the gauge can be rotated to any orientation desired by the clinician. With gear-free DuraShock™ technology, you can count on the DS44 Integrated Aneroid to remain in calibration longer than traditional aneroids, providing more accurate readings over time and a lower lifetime cost, helping to improve practice efficiencies and your bottom line.
– Gear-free DuraShock™ technology
– Certified accuracy to +/- 3 mmHg
– Withstands a 30″ drop, AAMI’s standard shock resistant requirement
– Unsurpassed reliability with a unique integrated, cuff-mounted design
– Gauge rotates 360º, for easy viewing from any angle
– Gauge snaps directly into cuff for quick cuff changes
– Premium inflation system, and lightweight for patient comfort
– Five-year calibration warranty
– Latex-free for safety
– Shipping Weights and Dimensions
Height: 15.24 CM
Width: 7.62 CM
Depth: 5.08 CM
Weight: 0.095 KG

Hearing Screener

39500 Series OAE Hearing Screener
The next generation in objective hearing screening technology, designed to address the challenges practitioners face when screening infants, newborns, toddlers, preschool and school-age children. Objective screening, paired with breakthrough technology, makes this OAE Hearing Screener an ideal tool when testing for otoacoustic emissions.
Rapidly screen newborns and infants with minimal cooperation required. No behavioral response required for those too young to respond or who have trouble sitting still. Tests are fast; just three button pushes turn on the device and complete tests on both ears in approximately 8-16 seconds per/ear (assumes DPOAE screening with 2-4 second averaging).
– Rapidly screen newborns and infants with minimal cooperation required
– No behavioral response required for those too young to respond
– Noise-management technology addresses poor test results due to ambient sound
– View, archive and export patient data with Welch Allyn Data Manager Software
– In-the-ear calibration helps improve test accuracy, ensuring probe is secure
– AutoStart check makes sure test is started in acceptable conditions
– User-friendly screen prompts guide staff through the test
– Tests at key speech frequencies—2, 3, 4 and 5 kHz


2.5V Pocket Plus LED Ophthalmoscope Set
– The SureColor LED lamp technology is designed to provide the exact light you need for fundoscopic examination
– Lightest-weight Welch Allyn ophthalmoscope, for the comfort and control you need during examinations
– Fiber optics provide cool light with no reflections or obstructions and neutral density light filter switch (available on Plus version), to help virtually eliminate corneal glare
– Portable, to help you meet the challenges you face when treating patients
– Pocket Plus LED ophthalmoscope also features soft rubber brow rest, for enhanced comfort during exam, 5-year warranty, 2 handle bumpers (matching color and vanilla) and hard case instead of soft case.

Binocular Indirect Ophthalmoscope

Insight Binocular Indirect Ophthalmoscope
The Insight Binocular Indirect Ophthalmoscope is the latest offering in a line of world-class ophthalmic instruments to help you enhance fundoscopic exams at an affordable price. This full-featured, affordable BIO weighs in at 1.1 pound, the lightest weight BIO on the market, and is designed with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack and unique, wireless optics system for the comfort and control you need. ColorSoft™ LED technology is optimized within the color spectrum and is softer for improved patient comfort.
The ergonomic FlipUp™ optical system mount and on/off design eliminates the need for an overband and helps ease adjustment during an exam; light source is on when the optical system is pulled down and in operating position, then powers off when flipped up.
– Ergonomic FlipUp™ optical system on/off design eases adjustment during an exam
– Optical system’s on when pulled down/in operating mode; off when in up position
– ColorSoft™ LED bright, white LED technology is optimized in the color spectrum
– Rechargeable lithium battery pack power supply easily slides on/off headband
– Light output control lever built into optical system to easily adjust intensity
– Carries an exclusive 10-year, industry-leading instrument warranty
– Padded, leather headbands are easy to adjust for improved stability
– Lightweight, fully-charged battery pack provides up to 3.5 hours of on-time

Vision Screener

Spot™ Vision Screener
The Spot Vision Screener is a handheld, portable device designed to help users quickly and easily detect vision issues on patients from 6 months of age through adult. Spot screens both eyes at once from a nonthreatening 3-foot distance. The touch-screen display allows for one-touch activation, simple management of patient data entry, and easy configuration for both vision screening and autorefraction applications.
– Supports AAP screening guidelines for early detection of amblyopic risk factors
– Automated screening provides thorough, objective, and easy-to-understand results
– Easy to use, easy to implement with minimal user training required
– Adequately powered for mass screening events
-Captures readings 97% of the time helping to screen otherwise difficult patients
-Wireless printing and WiFi-enabled for easy export of data
-Manual exports available via USB port
-Uses lights and sounds to help engage children

Sigmoidoscope/ Anoscope Lighting Systems

Sigmoidoscope/Anoscope Lighting Systems
Flexible, powerful illumination systems for optimal visualization.
– Halogen light provides consistent, long-lasting illumination
– Fiber-optics yield a cool, distal ring of light with no reflection, obstructions
– Choose from a 6 V system or Welch Allyn’s hand-held 3.5 V power sources


Harvey™ Elite® Stethoscope
The Harvey Elite offers updated styling along with the superior comfort and auscultation capabilities that cardiologists have come to rely on. It is equipped with dual-bore tubing that creates two uninterrupted sound channels and works with the optimally weighted, rugged, and stainless steel chestpieces. In addition, the Elite’s diaphragm is designed to accentuate important sounds—all this enables you to hear cardiac, pulmonary and vascular sounds.
– Full-range cardiology/pulmonology stethoscope
– Stainless steel chestpiece with non-chill rim
– Double-head (bell and flat diaphragm)
– Pediatric chestpieces available
-Rotatable stainless steel binaurals and interchangeable comfort sealing ear tips
– Choice of tubing length
– Not made with natural rubber latex
– 10-year warranty
– Shipping Weights and Dimensions
Height: 19.8 CM
Width: 37.7 CM
Depth: 5 CM
Weight: 0.45 KG

Electronic Thermometer

SureTemp® Plus 690
Help your facility improve staff productivity and patient safety with the SureTemp Plus 690 Electronic Thermometer. The SureTemp 690 Thermometer is fast—capturing approximately 4- to 6-second oral, 10- to 13-second rectal or pediatric axillary and 12- to 15-second adult axillary temperatures.
Featuring the technology that sets the standard for accuracy, you can have confidence the SureTemp 690 will deliver accurate, repeatable readings on patients of all age groups. The removable/interchangeable oral/axillary and rectal probes and probe wells are designed to help you reduce the risk of cross contamination, for staff satisfaction and patient safety.
– Fast: quickly captures accurate readings on all patient types
– Large LCD displays temperatures in Fahrenheit or Celsius
-Convenient storage for 25 probe coversLast temperature recall button
– Optional security wall mount
– Takes approximately 6,000 readings on 3 AA batteries
– Interchangeable, removable wells to help reduce the risk of cross-contamination
– Shipping Weights & Dimensions
Height: 20.9 CM
Width: 12.5 CM
Depth: 24.4 CM
Weight: 0.67 KG


490 Green Series™ Minor Procedure Headlight
The LED technology within the Green Series Minor Procedure Headlight offers cool, bright white light that is ideal for a variety of office-based procedures. With targeted, well-defined illumination and adjustable spot size, our high quality, long-lasting and reliable Green Series Minor Procedure Headlight will help to improve staff satisfaction and enhance patient care.
– Improve staff satisfaction with extreme comfort and lightweight, portable design
– Coaxial luminaire provides shadow-free illumination for improved efficiencies
– Bright (120 lumens), white (5700 ºK) light with true tissue color rendition
– Rechargeable “belt-clip” portable battery pack available
– 50,000-hour life helps maximize investment
– Shipping Weights and Dimensions
Height: 27.7 CM
Width: 21.2 CM
Depth: 6.6 CM
Weight: 0.65 KG

Diagnostic Wall System

777 Integrated Wall System
The diagnostic tools you need to maximize productivity as you capture patient in-take and vital signs — within arm’s reach.
With the Green Series 777 Integrated Wall System, all your essential medical diagnostic tools are within reach. Configure this ophthalmoscope and otoscope wall unit, including a medical wall thermometer, for your needs — with exam tools and vital signs devices to capture blood pressure, temperature and SpO2.
Whether you outfit one exam room or your entire facility, the 777 Integrated Wall System keeps your workflow in mind while helping you standardize and collect reliable patient data — in a consistent and energy-efficient manner.

Laryngoscope Systems

Fiber Optic Laryngoscope Systems
NEW! Now with LED replacement lamps. Designed for ease-of-use to improve patient care, safety and staff satisfaction.
Innovative Design: Reduced weight for improved balance and maneuverability facilitates even the most difficult intubations to help improve patient care and staff satisfaction.
Standardize: Blades easily convert from lamp to fiber-optic illumination making upgrades economical.
Durable: One-piece stainless steel construction ensures blade integrity and minimizes corrosion helping improve staff satisfaction and reducing risk.
Repairable: Replace deteriorating light pathways for a fraction of the cost of a replacement blade.
– Single-piece, stainless steel blade ensures integrity and minimizes corrosion
– Bright, white Halogen HPX™ illumination for clear, color-corrected view
– The free repolishing service makes these an affordable choice
– Knurled finish ensure durability and a secure grip
– Fiber Optic Halogen HPX handles available in both “C” and “AA” sizes
– Rechargeable handles utilize 2.5 V and 3.5 V nickel-cadmium
– Shipping Weights and Dimensions
Height: 4.7 CM
Width: 16.8 CM
Depth: 4.1 CM
Weight: 0.35 KG

General Exam Light

Green Series™ 300 General Exam Light
A single white, bright LED that does not require replacement, the GS 300 Exam Light provides a whiter, brighter light than halogen and consumes less energy for improved facility efficiencies—now you can see true tissue color rendition while reducing your current cost of ownership. The Green Series Lights were designed to improve patient exams while reducing environmental impact.
– Intense light output and cool operation designed to improve patient exams
– Improve staff productivity and satisfaction with easy assembly and cleaning
– Standardize with an affordable price that offers rugged performance
– Help reduce risk of cross-contamination with touchless On/Off
– Maximize floor space with multiple mounting options
– LED life of 50,000 hours to maximize investment
– Shipping Weights & Dimensions
Height: 56.6 CM
Width: 57.2 CM
Depth: 34.6 CM
Weight: 12.6 KG

We have many more similar medical device & equipment products from well-known global giants across the world.

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